Droppers Batch for IIT JEE/ Medical/NEET in Chandigarh

Droppers batch for IITJEE/Medical/NEET  in Chandigarh

Droppers batch is being run under the mentorship of Country renowned Prof Slariya, who is writer for McGraw Hill Education for Mechanical Engineering books and is famous personality of Doordsarshan and leading newspapers of the country. Classes are being conducted for Physics and Maths round the year for dropper batch in Chandigarh by Professors having more than 19 years of teaching experience.

With our long standing experience with students, we feel that no two students are same and they have different kind of  teaching requirements. As a result we have tried our best to satisfy the students appearing for droppers batch.

Salient Features of the batches are

1.Small batch size

2. Individual attention

3. Discussion of previous year papers

4. Focus on concept buildup

5. Digital Lectures with Online support


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