GATE/PSU vs Private Jobs

Is GATE Exam / SSC JE Exam the only option !!

If you ask my reviews on above then answer is no and certainly not. Examinations which lead to career options thru GATE/ SSC JE exam no doubt has incomparable benefits like

  1. 100% job security
  2. Comfortable job environment
  3. Benefits like medical reimbursement, pension related benefits and jobs to children in case of any eventuality.

Now let us look on the other side of the picture also. Private sector jobs have a vast arena of working. Let us now discuss them one by one::

First of all the quality of work environment is incomparable. Various perks associated with private sector jobs are tremendous. When a student graduates out from diploma/ degree College, he or she has to wait for years to secure jobs and undergoes various rigorous channels like GATE exam coaching/SSC JE EXAM Coaching. There is tremendous hard work and energy input required. Along with that they sacrifice and finances also for a minimum of 2 years. On the other hand, if the candidate starts working in a good private sector company the salary which receives for these two years is nearly comparable to a job in public sector undertaking. But after learning and experience of 2 to 3 years, candidate is ready for further take off and can easily hope to get an approximate rise of 50%, which will certainly go on increasing every time the candidates switches from one company to another. If you have a look at the various industry options to start with, we have a very vast range. One can choose from options from industry like Power, Steel, Cement, Sugar, Foundry Pharmaceutical, Rubber, Forging etc. I am sharing option for Mechanical Engineering Students.

Requirements to grow in private sector industry are strong technical skills, good communication, task flexibility, multitasking, self driven, disciplined leadership skills, mobility for new locations, etc.


If candidate possesses even 50% of these skills, the growth with private sector is tremendous. Also the candidate gets an option of International postings which gives an excellent exposure to the new kind of working atmosphere.

In my teaching career I have seen many people quitting government jobs and switch go to private ones. Also at the end of your career the money you earn in private sector would be many times higher than if you stick to the government job. Finally what counts at the retirement is, money only. Due to recent developments at government sector jobs, the following points are worth mentioning



  1. There are no pension benefits now


  1. Salary hikes are very less


  1. Of course there are transfers to remote locations


  1. Status growth has also become very limited


To sum up all the above I would like to you to gear up for an examination which has been launch by CII.

The examination is called as IPATE exam and candidates should be eligible for various jobs on the basis of exam score. There is no specific age limit for this exam and candidates will be able to grab opportunities in private sector, depending upon the skill and knowledge they have acquired from their previous companies. In my next post I will be coming a separate topic for this kind of new examination.

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