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With the advent of technology and scarcity of resources like time, money and energy, digital education is going to play a major role in whole of the world. Countries which have high internet speed and bandwidth have already created a benchmark in this area.  For country like India and its growing population with limited infrastructure but high number of intellects available, it will be certainly a boon for everybody. With high number of entrants for any test prep examination, online examination has ruled out the hiccups like traffic jams, possibility of leakage of question papers, handling large number of students. At the same time most of the test prep examinations have become online and GATE examination is one of them.

To cater to this segment students have started opting for GATE online coaching, GATE online test series as well as mock examination. Moreover most of the GATE aspirants are located in remote locations. Also the preparation for this exam begins when student is in 3 rd year of engineering programme. So it becomes difficult for them to travel to class A and class B cities which host majority of GATE coaching institutes. At this juncture  it is the support provide by online programmes only which make it possible for the student to prepare for this examination. Now we have GATE online study materials, online form filling and submission, online exam and online results.

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